Just rearrange the sentences a bit


“In his new book, political analyst Ron Brownstein calls this a crisis of ‘hyperpartisanship,’ a crisis which has ‘unnecessarily inflamed our differences and impeded progress against our most pressing challenges.’ Nothing reflects the result of hyperpartisanship more than the current immigration debate…”

Supporting arguments:

“Here in our nation’s capital, I wanted to talk briefly about the failed federal immigration policy…”

“I suggest to you what everyone already knows. The federal government has lost control of its borders, has allowed millions of undocumented immigrants to enter our country, and now has no solution to deal with it.”

“When the federal government abdicates its responsibility, states, cities, towns and villages still have to deal with the practical reality of that failure.”

“…the old federal inaction…”

“…the enormous vacuum left by a federal government that did not embrace its most fundamental responsibilities…”

“…states are feeling the brunt of federal abdication…”

Would you say that the statements support the thesis?

That’s ok, Eliot. When you crash and burn in such spectacular fashion, do the only things you can – pass the buck and find a new way to raise taxes.

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