What a Surprise

So there I was playing ‘Word Whomp’ on Pogo.com and when it was time for their “commercial” break, I was very disturbed to find myself looking at a half naked woman bending over in front of a mirror. It was captioned, “At Home Wives ready 4 Fun”. On Pogo.com?? I have never seen this before on this site and was kindof disturbed that this type of advertising would be seen on a game site that many children probably frequent to help them study or sharpen their skills. I know as a former teacher that many of my students would go there to do just that.

What are people thinking? Why does a site like that need to be promoting something like porn? It isn’t easy enough to find on the net as it is? We don’t get enough junk mail about it? Makes me think twice about going back there to play games again.

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