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  1. Hi! I write you for different reasons. The first one to tell you I enjoyed your pics from Belgium. I went there last year and I think it’s an awesome place. The other reason is because we share the same lastname, this is: Punaro. I am mexican, and back there all the people that share this lastname are the descendents of the late Mr. José Asuncion Punaro (this is my grandfather from my mother’s side). The funny thing is that we don’t know the origen of the Punaro name. So, each time I have a chance, I seach to see if by any chance I find a clue. Some time ago I was told it is from northen Italy. Do you have an idea? Thank and hope you don’t bother for using this space that I imagine it’s reserved for your family and close friends.

  2. The name does originate in Italy. Somewhere, I have some images of Ellis Island records of my ancestors coming over to the U.S. I’ll post them when I have a chance. I do not know where the Mexican branch would have started!

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