Punaro.com History

Welcome to Punaro.com! This site is the internet presence of Derek and Amanda Punaro, two average people from Buffalo, NY. On this site you will find our musings on various topics, a bit about our interests and pasts, and other random things that we feel like sharing with the internet world. Our primary audience is our family and friends, and while we realize other people may stroll through our space from time to time, we make no apologies if there is more information on here than you care to read. 🙂

This site was born in 1995 during my freshman year in college, the result of a competition between my roommates and I. At that time the web was still relatively new and text-based browsers were still prevalent. Version 1 was largely experimental and a learning experience. Version 2 was my first “real” site, dubbed “Sp00f!’s Niche on the Web”. June 11, 1999, the Punaro.com domain was registered, and shortly followed by the launch of Version 3. This version went through a couple different banner and content changes (v3.0) (v3.2) but overall remained the same site.

Version 4 launched February 23, 2004. After getting married in 2003 and trying to shoehorn some space for my wife into the old version, it was obvious it was time for an overhaul.

The current version, v5, was launched December 31, 2005 and took Punaro.com into a new direction. I’ve abandoned the hand-coded HTML and server-side includes that I’ve been using for the first 10 years of this site’s life in favor of keeping up with current technology. This version of the site is built off the WordPress blogging engine, making it the first database-driven incarnation.  The site has gone through several theme and layout updates since then, but the content has remained and the archives contain all the posts since launch.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome! Drop me an email anytime at derek@punaro.com.