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Diaper Sprayer

Ever since I bought Ariella’s first stash of Cloth Diapers, Derek has been worried that I would want all the accessories that can go with them.  One of these little toys is a diaper sprayer.  You see, when baby poops in the disposable (‘sposie’ to all us CDing Mama’s) you can shake a little off into the toilet and then throw the rest of the diaper out.  Doing this helps to make the garbage not smell as bad as it could.  With cloth, however, you are obviously not throwing the diaper away, and with some poops it is difficult to shake it off into the toilet.

We have well water, which makes our water pressure exremely low.  So on those sticky poop days I find myself elbow deep into poopy toilet water, or scrubbing with a washcloth (yes I have “special” ones which I use ONLY for diapers) in the sink.  I personally hate putting poop in the bathroom sink.  With a diaper sprayer, it would allow me to spray the poop off the diaper right into the toilet, eliminating the need for me to have a hamat shower after each and every diaper change.

So I have been trying to enter every blogger giveaway to win one of these things, which is the main reason of writing today, to win a sprayer from The Diaper Sprayer brought to us by The First Time Around blog.  I’ll let you know how to turns out. This would really save me a lot of hassle, and Derek can’t complain because it would be FREE!  🙂

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