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How Pregnant Am I Again?

I didn’t have to ask that question with Ariella. But with Cambree I have been wondering since the First Trimester ultrasound when they told me that looking at the baby’s size I was about 5 days ahead of what they originally thought. So from then on I have been trying to calculate myself and figure out exactly how much further I am.

Every appointment after that when I would ask they would tell me that it wasn’t that big of a difference and that everything was the same. So at today’s appointment I asked again and received another answer. I guess after that first sonogram my OB did in fact change my Due Date from February 19th to the 13th. So the Doc today said that he would go in the middle of the two and say the 15th.

That puts me at exactly 21 weeks along now, with still a long road ahead of me! Due date doesn’t really mean too much, except you have a general idea of when the baby will be born. Ariella was three days late, and I’ve heard a lot of women say that their second child was born early. But when you are looking at a repeat C-Section in the future and want to have a date in mind, it does mean something! No matter what, this baby will come whether we are ready for her or not, or have planned for her to come a certain day.

I can’t wait to see what her plans are for us! 🙂 Five months down, four more to go!

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  1. You and your planning! As if Ariella didn’t teach you that math and science and planning mean nothing to a baby who’s just gonna do what they want when they want to! 😀

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