A Little Piece of Me

So I was on the web the other day and thought to check out a venue I have not been interested or involved in, in a VERY long time. Fanfiction. (Yes, yes groan, groan, eye roll, eye roll) Every geek has their way of expressing their geekiness and here is mine. I am an amatuer writer! I have been writing my own fanfiction since I saw the first Batman movie. (Before that it was my own soap opera and a play I wrote when I was like 5) It continued on to almost all my other favorite shows and now I am in heaven with the Fanfiction.net site!! Oh my goodness, it is the best place on earth to just lose yourself in your favorite characters doing the things they never did on tv. I had forgotten how great it is to be a ‘Shipper’ and an ‘X-Phile’ and so mnay other fan names that I don’t even think exist!! I mean there are stories out there for basically each and every T.V. show, movie, book and other genres that I don’t even know! It’s amazing!!! There is so much to read and see!!

I am excited because now I can go back and polish up MY stories and post them there! See what other people think about my writing style, if it is any good at all, and get feedback and just have fun!! I guess I just wanted to share my exhilaration about this with anyone who cares to listen.

I know, how sad is it that my Husband is always posting about “Save Our City!” and “Politicians are bad, M’Kay?” and here I am like so exicted that I can write stories about T.V. show characters, but hey there’s no point in trying to deny your inner geek.

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  1. A ‘shipper’ is a person who wanted the whole Mulder/Scully romance thing to happen. I guess we were named that by those who were strictly ‘They’re partners, nothing more!! Good friends!!’. They were always freaking about the fact that we wanted them to be an ‘item’. 🙂 If I wasn’t geeky enough, now I am. :):)

  2. Ahhh. I never got into X-Files, primarily because I didn’t watch much of anything at that time. Not much TV reception on a submarine…

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