Frustration’s High

So it’s been 8 months since we decided to forgo protection and actually begin seriously trying to have a baby. I never thought it would take this long! I have been charting with TCOYF (that’s Taking Charge of Your Fertility, home-gamers 😉 ) and keeping track of everything it seems except how many times I blow my nose a day and still nothing. I have literally stood on my head and still nothing. Every month I go through the same thing, thinking I’m pregnant and then sighing on that “wonderful” day AF comes. Then actually thinking that maybe I am pregnant, because some women still get AF during the first few months. We even got a kitten, which I’ve wanted for a while anyway. I thought this might keep my attention on other things or take the place of the desire for a bit. No such luck. I could blame work, where I am surrounded by 12-17 three and four year old’s randomly telling me that they love me all day. But that only makes me know for sure that I am ready and definitely want kids. Because of my job I all ready know there is nothing like the love of a child and I can’t wait to share that love with our own. I wish that I could stop thinking about it, but how can I when the things we are doing are the exact things that make a baby??!! We ARE having tons of fun trying, don’t get me wrong! But I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong, or maybe a step that we’re missing? It is very difficult to be patient in this world of fast returns and instant access. Maybe waiting just isn’t my strong point. I have a feeling we have a long way to go…..

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  1. don’t worry Amanda! because you guys are so patient, i bet when you finally have a baby, he or she will turn out to be more than you could ever ask for! good things come to those who wait…

  2. “Aunt Flow”… that’s funny!! Never heard that before… I was thinking “A Friend”!

    Amanda, honey, things will happen in their time… it’s like finding the right mate… you can’t make it happen, you just have to live, love life and relax!

    You guys are very special to me… two of my favorite young friends… you’ll be great parents… until then, enjoy each other, your family and friends!

    Looking forward to Diablo on 2/3… should be a great time!

  3. Hi Derek & Amanda,
    My name is Michele Johnson and Mike Miller is a mutual friend,
    I dont usually tell too much about my personal life other than little anecdotes but I will share with you something, I tried for 7 yrs to have a baby, I found out after numerous tests I had endometerosis, Fast forward to now after 18 yrs of marriage 4 adopted children and 2 nephews I raised as my own, I laugh at how obsessed I was with having a baby.My Grama tried for 5 yrs to get pregnant the Dr told her he wouldnt be able to have any…She was pregnant 6 months later and had 3 kids in 6 years, Relax, Have fun and whatever is meant to be will happen, I wish you the very best!!

  4. Derek & Amanda… Amanda & Derek…I just saw this….

    My wife & I used the ovusoft thang for about a year – year and a half….

    We tried for few years…nada…

    What we ended up doing is having my wife scoped out…

    They found a simple blockage that was causing the problem…doc removed it…5 weeks later…she was pregnant…

    Her doctor said that this type of thing was very common…

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