Channel 2 Sound Off Stations

I am absolutely sure that they ARE put to some good use, but when out with friends on a Saturday night they can become an interesting thing. We came up with a few good suggestions for how to put them to use for your own enjoyment and humor.

  1. Stand in front of it and just stare into the camera until time runs out.
  2. Take a packet of soy sauce and down it, then smile as if you are insane.
  3. Flash your chest at the camera while singing “Milkshake” (male or female, we figured it was equally funny).
  4. Use it as your own personal dating service, leave a message for someone to reply to.
  5. Pretend it is a vending machine that just stole your money.
  6. Leave a personal and private message to your Mother.
  7. Break up with someone on it.
  8. Stand there waiting and then just before it turns off start your sentence.

Maybe it was just funny at the time, but if you try and picture what some of these would look like on the news, you might get a chuckle out of it. No, we were NOT drunk. We actually went to Dave&Busters for drinks and pool AFTER. 🙂

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