Cat Toys – What Every Cat Owner Should Know

OK, so you adopt a cute little kitty and want to make him(or her) the happiest cat in the world in your home. So you get all exicted and buy him (or her) all these nice expensive toys, little cute, cuddly, furry mice with bells on their tails, balls in every color shape and size, a scratching post with spings coming off the top to bounce and intice the playful kitty; everything you think would make any cat go off their rocker to have fun with.

Then you hear it one night. Lying in bed next to your sweetheart and there is a bump and a bang from the bathroom. You get up to investigate and there is your contact case lying on the floor. Or the brush or comb. The next morning, you wonder where your glasses are from your nightstand. You find them in the living room half-way under the sofa. Where’s the TV remote? Was kitty watching something on TV, cause it’s sitting in his (or her) chair!

So my adivce to any new cat owner is this. Don’t buy any toys for your cat. The only thing they want to play with is your make-up brush as you try to make yourself look more awake in the morning, or the pen you are busily using to do the crosswords. They don’t even want the foil balls your aunt used to make for her cat anymore. PUH-LEASE! Like my cat just now carried a Sharpie marker into the hallway, (from where I don’t quite know yet), like a mouse in his mouth, dropped it and proceeded to bat it around as if it would run away.

All these things make me love my cat even more. Even though I sometimes can not find my contacts in the morning, or my rings, or my coffee spoon. 🙂

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  1. My one cat has 2 favorite toys that he loves to carry around in his mouth and always ends up in the food bowl. First, any bow on any present is fair game for him, hence we have given up buying bows at Christmas time. Second, any decorative window clings are also his for the taken. Doesn’t matter how high up on the windows you put them, he will find a way to get them off and they will end up with the kibbles ‘n bits.


  2. My boys love the little plastic rings from milk cartons, anything on my desk, and vitamins. Preston also likes chewing on paper, for some odd reason.

  3. Yeah, I love to see what our kitty comes up with next. He has also carried around a piece of bubble wrap and swatted it around a bit. He isn’t even interested in our two goldfish who reside in their 72 gallon tank in the family room. I would have thought THEY would have put some swish in his tail!! Having a cat is so full of fun! I am so thankful my hubby said yes!! 🙂

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