Counting Your Blessings

Derek and I were talking about this last night over dinner. You really never know when things will take a bad turn in your life, so it truly is necessary to put your life in perspective more than you might normally do. Perhaps Social Media is to blame for me feeling this way, pushing me toward being more spiritual in my life. I am now aware of so much more heartache, tragedy and pain people go through than before. I would blame it on following people prone to those things, but I follow normal, everyday people just like you and I are, Moms, Dads, coworkers, friends. It’s not that I haven’t gone through pain or tragedy in my life, I have. But when everything is going well for you it is easier to take for granted the good times, or what you have in your life. But therein lies the problem, the challenge in life itself – to be happy where you are with the people you are with and your circumstances. I struggle with this daily, always getting caught up in my anxieties and not truly appreciating the people in my life, my house and my situation. You never know when God will throw you a curve ball to see if you can catch it. How do I rid myself of my anxiety? I’m not sure, but maybe I should stop so desperately trying to conquer it and instead focus on what God has put right in front of me, most of the time literally in my lap. My beautiful Daughter and wonderful Husband. (Well, the Husband isn’t on my lap most of the time, but you get the picture!)

Life is not always easy and my heart honestly aches for any of you out there who are going through a rough time of things right now. I pray for you every night and hope that the Lord eases your burden soon.

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