My Zune Saga

Last year I realized that I had enough money in my “gift” account to buy myself an MP3 player. I had wanted one for a long time and settled on a 120gb Zune by Microsoft. It was red, we ripped all our music onto it and was in love with having every piece we own at my fingertips in the car, or wherever I went.

Then an update came through which for whatever reason rendered the little device completely unusable. It wouldn’t turn on, then it wouldn’t turn off, it would turn itself off if you tried to change albums in the middle of your day. I called Microsoft, and they sent me info on how to return it. This took at least two to three weeks, but soon a new one came.

It was black, not my original fixed up for me, but it was another Zune. Ahhhhh, music the way I wanted it was back in my life once again! Until I noticed that the little button on top to “lock” the device did not work. At all. They had sent me a defunct device back! I was furious, this had not been my fault! And as small an issue as it may seem, when you are putting the device into a purse or pocket so it’s not sitting in your car while you are out shopping or what have you, it turns itself on and drains the battery! So when you are back in the car, it is out of juice and is unusable – AGAIN!

So one more time I called back to customer service and was immediately placed on the “special” help list. The call center people were all very helpful and assured me that this was going to be resolved. By sending the second defunct Zune back to them so they could send me another “refurbished” Zune. They don’t send new ones out when you’ve all ready purchased one.

After another looooooong three weeks, I received the next Zune in the mail. This one with a working lock button, and no issues with downloading updates. We used it all the time. On our way to church. On our way to the Doctor. On our way to Gramma’s house. Christmas morning. All except for when we test drove the new Forester. I didn’t have the correct cables to connect it to the sound system, and the Forester doesn’t have the tape player in it to use it that way. So I took it out of the Jetta, put it in the pocket of my jacket (my purse was overflowing with other electronic gadgets on that particular day) and, well, I LOST MY FRICKIN ZUNE.

I COULD have zipped up the pocket of my ski jacket, which actually comes with a pocket FOR an MP3 player on the INSIDE of it. I COULD have just left it in the Jetta which was at my parents house while we drive the new car. I COULD have left the jacket on while we waited for the saleswoman at the Suburu place so I could feel it in there. But NO! I’m pregnant, have lost my mind and am HOT all the time so I didn’t leave it on and carried my jacket – without a protected zipped pocket – all over hell and creation instead.

After all this, no Zune still. I have looked everywhere in the house, cars, jacket pockets, bags of gifts. It must be a sign that the Zune and I, no matter how passionate our love over the past year, was not meant to be.

Poop on a stick.  🙁

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  1. DAMN!!

    I love my Zune. I have had it for years, the old style brick of a Zune (and a Halo 3 style one at that). But never had a problem with it.

    Don’t give up on the Zune. It won’t give up on you!

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