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My Pregnancy Brain

So here’s what I’ve lost so far this pregnancy:

  1. My Zune (the biggest loss of everything)
  2. A paycheck from my part-time job singing at Church
  3. A package of Wegmans Honey Roasted Turkey Breast

Items found which were missing:

  1. A jar of Vick’s Vapo-Rub (which has been missing since way before the pregnancy, and again – not sure how it was lost in the first place, but ended up in Derek’s office somehow)

I am sick over the Zune, paycheck can be remedied by calling Church and I am completely baffled by the turkey (all the other groceries made it into the house, everything is on the bill. Not even sure HOW that one happened.). Pretty sure I’m losing my mind, so therefore I am not leaving the house by myself with the Toddler at all until this pregnancy is over. Who knows if either one of us will make it back home?

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