Job Seekers Beware!

When I quit working for my previous employer, I had all ready begun the job search. I was unemployed for most of the summer and applied for many jobs during that time. While many of them just simply did not get back to me, which I honestly expected if I wasn’t called in for an interview after the first few weeks of sending my information, I did get some return mail from a few. IN THE PAST TWO MONTHS. Now let me tell you how unprofessional I feel this is. If I applied for this job in JULY of 2006, would you not think that they would have simply let it go by now? I have been working at M&T for close to 6 months all ready and just today, January 23, 2007 received this e-mail…

Dear Candidate:

This pertains to your expression of interest in the
Special Education Trainingand Resource Center (SETRC)
Professional Development Specialist position with
Orleans/Niagara BOCES.

Another candidate has been selected to fill the vacancy.
Thank you for your interest in the position.


Wayne M. Van Vleet
Director of Labor Relations

Now, Mr. Vleet I appreciate your letting me know about not getting the position in the Orleans/Niagara BOCES program. I guessed that when I actually FORGOT about applying to you! Why would you bother sending me a letter NOW, 8 months after the fact? Did it actually take you that long to find someone? Was I even remotely considered, seeing that no one even called to grant me an interview? I understand professionalism, but 8 months later?

This is not the first letter I have received in either December or January, either. Jobs I had also forgotten about applying to have sent me letters telling me I wasn’t selected. Well, I never even had an interview! I am just confused at why they would bother to waste paper this late in the game to tell me ‘NO’. It’s like using the ‘Chewbacca Defense’, “It does not make sense!”

So, job seekers beware! Don’t expect to hear about that ‘really great opportunity’ you may feel you have when sending in resumes. It may take a while for them to get back to you.

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