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Today’s Accomplishments

Today I have been up since 7:30am.  I have not taken a nap today, because Ariella only took a 20 minute nap this morning.  Well, I could be taking one now, but I’m writing this instead.   So far today, I have:

  1. Washed the woodwork on all the windows downstairs and the windows themselves (that’s five rather large windows) and put the screens up in all of them.
  2. Done a load of Ariella’s clothes. Cause they always seem to be dirty.
  3. Done a load of whites. Cause I think Derek’s been wearing some of my underwear to work. 😉
  4. Put flea stuff on the cat.
  5. Let the cat outside twice, and in the garage once.  This is not “real” work, except that he has never been outside on his own before, so I had to keep an eye on him.
  6. Sang songs to Ariella to entertain her.
  7. Rocked Ariella to sleep this morning for her nap.
  8. Changed Ariella’s diaper 5 times, so far.
  9. Nursed Ariella five times.  She is very distracted lately, so the sessions are a bit shorter, therefore more nursings because she gets hungry quicker.
  10. Washed the blanket on her bed along with the blanket she threw up on earlier in the week, and the throw from the couch.
  11. Put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away.
  12. Loaded the dishwasher with dirty dishes.
  13. Cleaned up cat puke off the rug in the kitchen.
  14. Washed said rug from cat puke, and around the door where he marks his territory all the time.  Actually smells clean in my kitchen for once!
  15. Made lunch for myself and Ariella.  I’ll count this as one.
  16. Washed window in front door.  Inside and out.
  17. Cleaned the upstairs toilet.
  18. Cleaned both upstairs sinks and countertop.

I still have to:

  1. Help make dinner.
  2. Take laundry in and out of the washer/dryer.
  3. Clean up from dinner.
  4. Feed Ariella – again.
  5. Give baby a bath.
  6. Put baby to sleep.

I want to still:

  1. Wash windows outside, so the sun can actually get into the room.  😉
  2. Wash upper windows inside.
  3. Vacuum out the chandelier and finally get rid of the dead flies in there.
  4. Re-make the bed in Ella’s room so it looks neat and tidy.

I’m pretty sure that is why I am sitting here staring at the computer at the moment, and writing this blog no one is going to particularly care about.  🙂

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  1. Maybe you would get more done if you didn’t spend time writing all of the stuff you did down.

  2. Amanda,
    Its just me…. Molly wanted me to tell you the smily face she put after her comment didnt show up… Therefore, she wanted to make sure you knew she was kidding….:)

    I cant believe how much you DID manage to accomplish… You are surely motivated–nice weather will do it:)

    Love Me–

    PS. I will be in Buffalo next week from this Sunday till Friday due to Roys work schedule and the fact that Ems and Mike are coming back here next weekend so I will carpool/follow with them….

  3. I’m sure more people will be interested in this then you think. After all, this is what Twitter is based off of. (grin)

  4. You are right, Molly. The computer sometimes sucks you in and won’t let go. 🙂 I need to keep track sometimes of everything I have done during the day so I remember that I did something. Babies take Momma’s brain cells so they have more for themselves during the learning process. I’m almost positive of it. Plus, this way my Mom can’t tell me that I’m not doing anything during the day. 🙂

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