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Want to Know How To Teach 175 Students Every Day?

How did I go from teaching 15 students in a local Catholic School to teaching over 175 across the country and beyond? Yes, you read that correctly! The answer? A completely virtual educational company – Proximity Learning.

This company is devoted to providing students who are unable to have a consistent teacher educating them, with a licensed teacher who reaches them through the power of technology. The teacher shortage across the globe is truly no joke. With Proximity I have the ability to engage, encourage meaningful discussion, and meet the needs of students in so many places. When I counted the number of students I am engaging with every day, I was amazed that it was truly 175! It doesn’t sound possible, but it is.

My schedule is more like a Middle or High School teacher’s schedule as I am not teaching one grade and one subject. I jump around between 6 different subjects including Social Studies, General Science, Earth Science, Life Science, PE, and ELA. My students are in West Virginia, Chicago, Maryland, and the Virgin Islands!!!

I must admit that my brain can get a little clogged with information, especially writing all those lesson plans! But I honestly love going from class to class each day knowing that it is always something different! This has been the busiest and most exciting start of a year for me with all of the learning I am doing myself as well! I have so many virtual teaching tools under my belt now! And it is so wonderful to know that virtual teaching CAN be successful and as engaging as it has been.

If there is anyone out there who would like more information about what I am doing, or the company I’m teaching with, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out! This is such an exciting time in education, even though it may look bleak. There are solutions and answers to every problem. I’m so proud to be a part of that!!



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