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My Morning

So this morning was like any normal Monday morning. I forgot the stuff I needed for work on a chair in the Living Room and remembered something I won’t need until I am back in my cube again, which will be after our class ends after Thanksgiving. So anyway, I drive to work and as I get closer I start hearing this strange noise. If any of you out there have a 2003 VW Jetta, you know that whirring noise when you open the drivers side door? Well it sounded like that, but while I was driving or at a light. It was intermittent, but I could almost count the seconds until it happened again. I even turned off BNL, because I heard it over the music.

So I pull into the parking lot at M&T Amherst and sit in the car with it running, took off my seatbelt and practically laid across the two seats in the front, waiting and listening for it to happen again. So when I heard it, I turned the car off, still leaning to see if I could hear it with the car off. Wouldn’t you know? I did hear it! Coming from the region of my purse. I took out my phone, was it acting up? I hear it again, not my phone. So now I’m confused for a moment until I spy my half-drunk pop peeking out of my lunch bag.

Every 15 seconds or so, it was making this squeaky, whirring noise because it needed to be burped. I felt so dumb, laying across my seat, listening to my passenger side door. I burped my pop bottle and went on my way to start an interesting Monday of training at M&T. 🙂

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