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How Many More Weeks?

Just got back from the doctor’s today and I am officially 1 cm dialated.  🙂  I am glad I am making progress, I just wish it didn’t hurt so much.  I know labor and actual delivery are going to be much much worse, but every move I make is painful and I feel that 1 cm down to my toes.  Literally!  The doc said not to get my hopes up about popping soon because of the cm, but he also told us to be ready because you never know.

I wish I knew.  But even so, I’m only looking at more pain and discomfort.  Only THEN can I start to think about how good it will feel to get back to myself, wear normal clothes again and have a baby to brag about!  🙂

How many more weeks again?  Three.  Seems like a lifetime away at this point.

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