Still Pregnant

Yes, I know my due date is still a few weeks away. I guess I was just hoping that maybe with the false labor a week ago and now losing my plug it would have made something happen by now. And I also know that I should be enjoying the last few weeks of this pregnancy, seeing that it could be the last time I will ever be pregnant. However, the constant soreness and the painful contractions that come randomly are getting me down. I am always wondering now when I feel a contraction whether they are going to last again, putting me in the Hospital for monitoring, or if it is just a practice run.

I guess with two weeks to go before the scheduled C-Section I am just getting impatient. I want to get back to myself again and meet this baby girl! At least now I’m officially “Full Term” so if something does happen they will not be sending me home and just getting it over with!

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