4 Magical Days – Day 3

Today was Friday and we were off to EPCOT. Experimental Prototype Communities Of Tomorrow, for all you non-Disney geeks out there. 🙂 We had grabbed muffins and things from the commissary on our way back from M.K. the night before so we ate in the room and left early. Once there, we hit Spaceship Earth first cause there was no wait and then headed over to the Living Seas where it is everything Nemo! The tanks are filled with every fish from the movie and more! They chaged it around a bit so now you basically just walk right into the area where the tanks are. No more fake elevator ride to the room next door!

Next we headed over to the countries to have lunch in China! Good food for sure! We went back into Furture World to get a fast pass to Soarin’, the ride that came from California’s DisneyLand. Rode Livin’ With the Land and then went to some other things. Soarin’ was actually a very nice ride. Not at all fast or too motion-y to make you sick. If anything it was too short, not really giving you enough time to enjoy the smell of oranges as you fly in your hang-glider over the California orange groves. But it was worth it!

We walked the rest of the countries, of course and then had dinner at San Angel Inn in Mexico. (not Spain 😉 ) Great dinner with a great view of the volcano. (There’s a hidden Mickey in the volcano for all you hidden mickey fans!) We then headed back to the hotel, with thoughts of going to Pleasure Island that night too, but by 7:30PM we were BOTH sound asleep in bed! We woke up at 10:30 and took out our contacts and went back to sleep until Saturday morning. I haven’t been that exhausted in a very long time!!

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