Seeing the Light

Today I finally got a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel we at the Central Terminal are working towards. It wasn’t that anyone offered to buy the building or donate tons of money to us. No. It was much more subtle and to be honest I’m not sure why, today after almost 2 years of volunteering, at the SCVA Art Show it happened. Maybe it was just repeating the same stories or telling our hopes and dreams for the building to people over and over and over. But I suddenly could envision the buidling cleaned up and being used again for something. I looked around our concourse with all the art panels up, music playing from the mezzanine, people milling around with drinks and food and suddenly I felt very proud of the building and what we are attempting to do there. I have loved the building from the beginning, it truly does draw you in, making you want to help presereve it as if it whispers quietly to your soul of the grandeur it used to be and wishes to be once again. But today it became very real to me, what we are doing there. Both Derek and I have made many very good friends there now, it is something we can call our own in a way. I am so proud and humbled by this group and the extent of the work we are trying so hard to keep up. We have come such a long way and we have so much further to go. But today I saw the light and now know what it will feel like in the years to come when we DO realize our goals, being able to sit back and know that WE were a part of that work coming to fruition, that together WE made a difference to the building, the city and hopefully to peoples lives.

Let me tell you, it felt DAMN good. And I know that we will be a part of this group for the long haul, through thick and thin, good and bad, until our work here is done.

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  1. I knew you’d get it someday, Honey! πŸ™‚

    It takes a big heart to be a visionary.. and tough skin to endure the criticism of those who think we’re crazy for believing.

    PS – we need a FAQ list printed at the terminal. I must have answered “what are the plans for the building?” a few million times this weekend. I lost my voice a few times!

  2. I have long been a fan of the dedicated volunteers who are doing a brilliant job volunteering at the terminal,You guys are the best!Keep up the terrific work.

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