Husbands are a Wonderful Thing

I just had to give kudos to my Hubby for finding an easy way to transfer music to my Philips PSS110 Shoqbox.  Maybe the most confusing and annoying MP3 player around.  (Sorry Dad, who works for Philips now).  But perhaps that is why they stopped supporting the damn thing.  After literally hours trying to figure out how to get music off of it and then back onto it, which has been draining in the past, he found a freeware download that makes it easy as pie!

My Husband is wonderful and has really been putting up with a lot over the past 6 months with my pregnancy.  He should be sleeping in a separate bedroom by now, or drinking heavily.  But he has persevered and is even more wonderful than ever before.  I just wanted the world to know that I do notice all the things he does through my bigness and crabby temper that comes from me being huge and 6 months preggers.


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  1. For everyone else who has a problem trying to get their Philips PSS110 Shoqbox working, go download Shoqbox Buddy and never have to deal with Philips’s software or Musicmatch Jukebox again!

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