Magical 4 Days! Day 1

Ah, yes, Disney.  There’s nothing like it.  While Derek was at his conferences on Wednesday, I was up early and strolling around the best, in my humble opinion, five or so resorts in Walt Disney World.  With the lake in between them all, you can walk, bike or skate your way around the Swan, Dolphin, Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club resorts and take in the sun, sights and sounds of true resort life.  There are many beaches nestled in along the walkway, some more private than others, pools that take your breath away, shops and eateries around every corner.  I think I walked around the entire place about five or six times while waiting for Derek to get out of his seminars.  But the entire time I was not bored! 

The other thing that makes these resorts the best is that you can get to two major theme parks in easy and fun ways!  You can walk to the EPCOT World Showcase from behind the boardwalk, or take a boat to MGM.  Either way you can skip waiting for a bus and sitting in the crowds for a while.  Relaxing and exciting.

We chose this night to go to Downtown Disney Marketplace to do a bit of shopping, I needed a belt desperately, and we wanted something different for dinner.  We were thinking of going to Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant at Disney West Side, but ended up at his “Express” eatery, which had the same delicious food without the wait!  After shopping for a while we went back to the hotel and found that the pool was empty and so was the hot tub!  So we quickly changed and made our way to the 104 degree hot tub when we saw that the pool was also heated!  It was so nice to have the entire thing to ourselves and to just relax with each other.  I was so excited that we were in a POOL, OUTSIDE in JANUARY!!!!  WOW!  With the stars shining over head and the wamr water around us, it truly made for a perfect end to a Magical Day!!!

Stay tuned for Day 2!!!  🙂

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