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Geek Week

“Lotus – the final frontier. These are the days of Lotusphere. It’s continuing mission – to seek out new connections and new technologies; to boldly go where no company has gone before.” – Patrick Stewart, Lotusphere 2004 Opening General Session

It’s Lotusphere week, and this year’s keynote speaker did not hail from the Star Trek universe, moreso from the pop culture universe – Seinfeld’s own Jason Alexander. Honestly, I thought he was a much better speaker than Patrick Stewart. Of course, for a crowd of 6000 geeks, humor trumps Shakespeare every time.

What is Lotusphere exactly? It’s IBM’s annual conference showcasing the Lotus product line – Notes, Domino, Workplace, Sametime, QuickPlace, as well as the other technologies that tie into them, such as Websphere. This is the realm that I work in on a daily basis. I’m an IBM Certified Applications Developer for Notes/Domino 5/6/6.5. I’m one of Praxair’s key developers for www.praxair.com as well as our Global sites, Intranet, and collaboration tools. But enough about me.

In an effort to expand readership of Punaro.com, I’m going to start blogging a little more in depth about technology and the work I do. Hell, I spend a third of my life doing it, so why not. I’ll always make an attempt to try and ground the geek-speak into something the non-techies can understand, but feel free to tone-out the geek content if they’re not for you. Amanda does all the time. 😉

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