I love winter driving

Recently moving up to the top of my “What car am I going to buy next?” list was the Subaru Impreza WRX Sport Wagon. I’ve been looking for a car with a little more cargo room without sacrificing performance. I found this:

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  1. Now that I’ve stopped being dizzy……. my friend had an Impreza and liked it well enough. Great for camping and kayaking… not to mention those ski trips where you need the 4wd.

  2. Dude, those Subarus with the turbo 4s are FAST! Just crazy how much they’re squeaking out of those things. Although they are about the same as the Dodge you’ve posted about right? Around 300 hp?

    Nice rides and the AWD could help in Buffalo. It’s hilarious seeing people down here in SC getting AWD cars…

  3. The WRX is around 225 HP (non-STI version). The Dodge Caliber R/T is only 173, but the SRT version has yet to be released. I’d like to see Dodge beef up that 2.4L I4 with a turbocharger to get it into the same HP range. Then again, there’s always aftermarket.

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