WTF American Idol?

I was too disturbed after watching South Park last night to comment on Idol… but WTF? Kelly didn’t end up in the bottom three after completely butchering her song (even by her own admission!) and Chris did? I guess America really does love dumb blondes.

I also fail to see the hoopla about Katharine. She can’t seen to hold any long note on pitch. I demand a recount!

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  1. 🙂 I hear ya. I don’t get into Idol too much, but will catch pieces of it. Being a former choral guy and still a musician, I think most of them have serious trouble holding pitches. It’s really excruciating to listen sometimes! I caught Kelly’s song the other night and she really did butcher it!

  2. It’s funny cause everyone always boo’s Simon, and he’s the one who actually has a good ear on him. Yes, he is a bit rank with his comments, but he’s usually right. I agree with him most of the time that he makes a comment, in other words, I agree Chris, it’s not pretty sometimes!

  3. At least they sent the correct person home. There is no way to explain how Bucky stayed around so long. The fact that Chris was in the bottom 2 says that his fans didn’t think he had any chances of getting voted off. If you like someone, make sure that you make the call as often as you can. My money is still on Chris to win it all.

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