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Promotion, Self

I don’t post much about my job, but this was the nice writeup that my manager sent out to all of IT earlier this week about my new role. I am pleased to announce that Derek Punaro has been promoted to IT Information Architect, a new job title created for the Sharewaves07 Collaboration Support team….

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I do RSS

It’s not often that I talk about work. Frankly, I talk enough about work… at work. Besides, I know that most of you don’t want to hear the geeky details of my daily work life anyways. Today, however, I launched something that’s as close to cutting edge as we get at Praxair – an RSS…

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Just call me Mr. Derp

Mondays are why they invented coffee, and sometimes I should have multiple cups before laying hands on the keyboard. My supervisor is on vacation this week, so it is a particularly good time to NOT cause any major catastrophes. As I eased into the morning, I needed to take a glance at our agent log…