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I don’t post much about my job, but this was the nice writeup that my manager sent out to all of IT earlier this week about my new role.

I am pleased to announce that Derek Punaro has been promoted to IT Information Architect, a new job title created for the Sharewaves07 Collaboration Support team. Derek’s strong technical and business analytical skills make him an excellent fit for this position. In this role Derek continues to report to me.

Derek is instrumental in the continued success of our Sharewaves07 application. He is responsible for designing content and document management solutions. He works closely with business clients to gather requirements, design navigation hierarchies, metadata structures and user experience designs. He serves as a champion to promote the use of Praxair’s standard document and content management tools across the enterprise. And he assists in the development and delivery of training classes and self-study materials.

Starting with Praxair’s IT organization in January 2000, Derek began as an original member of Praxair’s first eCommerce project. Since then, he has been involved in many web based IT projects, including Airwaves and QuickPlace. Derek was a key participant in the SharePoint Document Management Project. He has been a member of the Collaboration Support Center since July, 2007.

Derek holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is an IBM certified Application Developer and has expertise in a multitude of web technologies.

We look forward to Derek’s continued contributions to ITS. Please join me in congratulating Derek on his achievement.

It’s interesting for me, after spending 6 years working with Lotus Notes/Domino to now be involved largely with Microsoft technologies. It really opens your eyes to seeing what’s hype and what’s substance. But that’s a whole series of other blog posts there.

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  1. Congrats Derek.

    Keep ’em on their toes at the water cooler (if your office is one those that actually still has a water cooler.)

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