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  • Punaro Glen Construction: Mid-July

    Yeah… you may have noticed I can’t keep up with the blog posts. Obviously a lot has happened in the past 6 weeks and much of our time has been spent at the house – sometimes just observing, sometimes planning, and lately even some working. We are down to [supposedly] the last two weeks of […]

  • Punaro Glen Construction: Beginning of June

    May was the Month of Drywall. To be fair, we were warned ahead of time that once we hit the drywall stage it would seem like things were going to slow down. And that was before COVID-19. The entire drywall process took just over 5 weeks – two weeks and change to hang it and […]

  • Punaro Glen Construction: Some time in 2020…. I think

    Time flies when… uh… you’re stuck at home due to the Coronavirus. Somehow I’ve managed to go nearly 3 months without posting an update here. There have been the occasional Instagram pics if you’re following along there, but I’ll bring everyone up to speed here too. We had about a long lull in January/February where […]