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Central Terminal is on the road to recovery

From our President in today’s Buffalo News

Being interested in the fate of the H.H. Richardson complex and knowing the reputation of architect Robert T. Coles, I was expecting a thoughtful and informed opinion in his May 10 Another Voice. Instead, I was shocked to read his passing remarks on the Central Terminal.

To read his description of the Central Terminal as “empty and deteriorating” ignores the past three years, in which 65,000 visitors have come to the building for events ranging from historic architectural tours, art installations, the 75th anniversary celebration of the building’s dedication, public forums, etc.

The restoration started with the return of the Concourse Clock in 2005, currently on display at M&T Bank, and the installation of the mezzanine railings. The Central Terminal Restoration Corp. is now in discussion about the return of some of the original light fixtures of this art deco National Historic landmark.

A few weeks ago, the University at Buffalo Art Department held its 2nd annual Senior Thesis Art Show, with attendance at 2,500. And the seventh spring Clean Up was held May 6-7. The event attracted more than 300 volunteers.

The Central Terminal is on the road to recovery and is ill served by uninformed comments about its condition and the level of community activity taking place there. The summer and fall of 2006 will see the building playing host to corporate events, plays, concerts, Oktoberfest and the Buffalo Brew Fest. It is not “empty and deteriorating.”


President, Central Terminal

Restoration Corp.

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  1. I care. That’s why I posted it. I don’t think anyone really cares if you care. But thanks for stopping by.

  2. I care too! Or else I wouldn’t have devoted thousands of hours to the cause over the last three years.

    Ask yourself this, Dane: what is the alternative for the terminal? It would take $20 million and two years to tear down. The city of Buffalo can certainly not afford to do it anytime soon, even if they owned the building, which they do not.

    Not caring is precisely why the terminal was vandalized and damaged to the extent it is right now. That played a major part in further demoralizing an already suffering neighborhood. Letting that continue is no longer an option in my book.

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