New driveway installed!

Today I bring to an end a three year springtime tradition of shoveling half my driveway from the ditch across the street [where it gets plowed to] back to where it's supposed to be.   Yes, today we finally had a blacktop driveway put in.   Here are the before and after shots:

How hot does my attic get, part 2

So a little less than a year ago, I took some temperature measurements in my attic to see if the installation of a ridge vent would cool it off any. Here's last years (pre-ridge vent) numbers: Updates: Attic:113.2°F Outside Max:85°F Attic:95.5°F Outside Max:70°F Attic:106.5°F Outside Max: 75°F Here's the new (post-ridge vent) numbers: Attic:100.9°F Outside… Continue reading How hot does my attic get, part 2