Category: Lotus

  • QuickPlace upgrade, post-op day 3

    After my weekend in front of the computer, I’ve been trying to stay away as much as possible. But I’m sure some of the Lotus readers are interested in an update… so… after three days in operation there have been no reported issues! One of my placetypes ended up with a couple conflict docs again, […]

  • Quickplace upgrade, hour 71

    Well, I finally finished going through all the QuickPlaces removing conflict docs. This brings the QuickPlace upgrade to a close…. or does it? Well it would, but it seems that somewhere along the line the address book on our production internet server decided to play hide and seek with some of our custom design elements […]

  • Quickplace upgrade, hour 65

    Well, the overnight design refresh pushed my agent into all of the places on the server, so that’s good. I’ve decided not to risk modifying the agent to automatically delete the conflict docs, so I’m going into each place one-by-one and running the agent to select the docs, then deleting them with a quick visual […]