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QuickPlace upgrade, post-op day 3

After my weekend in front of the computer, I’ve been trying to stay away as much as possible. But I’m sure some of the Lotus readers are interested in an update… so… after three days in operation there have been no reported issues! One of my placetypes ended up with a couple conflict docs again, and those went out to the other places, but they only show up in the index, so I’m not worried about those. The one gotcha I learned today is that the qptool archive command in 6.5.1 does NOT remove the place after it archives it, so I need to modify my agent a bit so that it archives and then removes.

And even with it being in operation just a couple days, I already have ideas for improving my automated tasks. For instance, I have an agent that will email me if the person who originally requested a place is no longer in the address book. The idea is that I will then investigate to see if there are any other managers I can assign to deal with renewals, or whether the place should be archived and removed from the system. Well, since the place catalog lists all the managers of the place, I should just be able to update the document in my request database with a different manager and not bother me at all, unless there are no other managers. Cool idea, huh?

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