Crisis isn’t that complicated

Some people want to believe that our country's economic crisis is so complicated that mere mortals cannot understand it. Only economists and politicians (hah!) have the brain power and education to decipher the complexity of how subprime mortgages and tightening credit markets have caused this unprecedented crisis. Don't believe them. You see, in actuality, most… Continue reading Crisis isn’t that complicated

Not all young celebrities are spendaholics!

Carrie Underwood made this comment in Allure magazine: On money: The Steinway piano she craves? "I have the space. It's just waiting for the piano, but, you know, they're expensive!" The SUV she desires? "They're expensive, too!" She is still driving around in the Mustang she won on American Idol. "But what if I don't… Continue reading Not all young celebrities are spendaholics!