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Buffalo Bloggers Picnic!!

Ah yes, you’ve all read how great it was by everyone else who attended, so let me reiterate once more, WHAT A GREAT TIME WE HAD!! 🙂 It was awesome to meet and greet all those people who we read and reply to each and every day! It was very surreal to be honest, for me at least. All these people I have never seen before (very few I have) who I really don’t know, made me feel like I was with family. It was a very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere with little kids, grills going in every direction, food, drinks and the nicest people I think I have had the pleasure of being involved with.

The picnic was also attended by some nice people from the Buffalo News who I think might be doing a write up on us in the technology section. They had a lot of fun watching me try to un-do Derek’s hasty decision to take apart the ENTIRE game we made – Hillbilly Horseshoes. Once we got it up though, I think people enjoyed it. Or at least enjoyed Derek and I TRY to play it!!
There were some shady food items sent down to us from our friends at SpeakUpWNY.com. The “salad” in that lovely cardboard container and the pound cake that never got opened we took home hoping to use was ALL moldy and kinds gross. But it’s the thought that counts, really.

Our matching blogger shirts were a hit as well, therefore I hope to see more creativity by our friends at the next event!! 😉 All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves and were very glad we attended!! Thanks to all who put their heads together to make this happen!! It was nice to put faces to names and thoughts!! You are all a very nice bunch of people and I for one am very glad to be a member of this community!!

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  1. I keep telling ya… if you take the game apart before you transport it, then it becomes a puzzle AND a game. 😉

    I was surprised that we had a photographer and reporter from the News show up and spend so much time talking to all of us. Can’t wait to see the article!

    Great meeting all you bloggers in person! Looking forward to the next get-together!

  2. Very good to meet you as well! 🙂 I was quite happy to see that Hillbilly Horseshoes made your blog, so I now can refer to it by your name instead of what I know it as…scrotum!

    And I feel a CHALLENGE set forth by the new blogger friends…the shirts were priceless. I loved them! MUCH better than the nametag idea that BFLOBlog shoots down everytime I mention it…

    Pictures of the above referenced salad from your friends at Speak Up will be appearing at All Things as well, including the ceremoinous tossing thereof into the garbage by Kevin. (Someone had to do it!)

    THANKS for coming out…and I can’t wait to see you again…to spend sometime chatting!

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  4. It was great to finally weet you guys. Any chance you’ll post the approximate dimensions for the hillbilly horseshoe equipment?

  5. Hey folks, it was great to meet both of you! I love how the day went, and I think that we ought to get the gang together again really soon!

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