What to do with an old satellite dish

Our house came with it’s very own, not recently used, 8.5′ Birdview satellite dish. You know, one of these big suckers:

I really had no use for it and since it was blocking my tractor’s path into the garden, began looking for options to dispose of it. I found a group of people that amazingly still use these things over at the C-BAND satellite discussion forum on SatelliteGuys.US. So I posted that I had one available, and someone should make an offer and come and get it. Within a day, a gentleman from Illinois responded back that he would take it off my hands for $100.

He showed up this morning with a rig attached to the top of his Isuzu Rodeo and a bunch of tools, the most important of which turned out to be a can of Liquid Wrench. First, off came the dish, revealing a fine selection of mostly vacant industrial lofts for stinging residents:

Then came the somewhat tricky part of removing the mounting arm from the top of the pole, simply due to it’s weight and height off the ground. But we wedged a 2×4 underneath it and carried it off like Egyptian servants carrying Cleopatra’s mobile throne. Last came the reciprocating saw to sever the above ground piece of pole:

As they say, all that was left was the heavy breathing:

This was truly a win-win. This guy got himself a good quality, but very used satellite dish. I got rid of a big ass satellite dish that was unnecessarily taking up space in my yard, did a minimal amount of the work to get rid of it, and made $100 in the process. Poor guy probably spent more than that in gas to get it all the way back to Illinois, but I’m sure he factored that into his offer.

So, if you have one of those monster-sized dishes sitting in the back of your yard, you may want to consider posting to get rid of it via SatelliteGuys.US. This could be your parting view as well:

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  1. The large dishes make great solar collectors for the do-it-yourself alternative energy hobbyist. I’ve been looking for one for a few months now (and would have taken yours off your hands, had I known about it). Thanks for the tip on the web site!


  2. Hello,
    I have a house and a large dish that I bought back in the 1990’s. I’m currently restoring this house as i haven’t lived in it for many years but it has this large dish sitting on top of it that has become a huge eye sore. I will take offers on it and if necessary be at peace with someone just hauling it off. If anyone is interested please e-mail. The property is located in Asheboro, North Carolina.

  3. Heres a great idea. Tear the guts out of the middle invert it and mount it on about a 7 foot pole and they make a great outdoor umbrella. or tear the guts out and the next time it snows head to the hills and the whole gang can pile in for a wild sled ride.

  4. I have a big old satellite I would love to get rid of if anyone is interested please contact me via email or my business phone at 785-296-8217 or cell at 785-215-5707.
    Thank you

  5. i am in the buisness of removing and hauling away you ugly and unwanted large sattilite dishes in and around western Massachussetts ,northern CT, southern VT, and western NY! I have resonable rates and do a proffesional job.

  6. I have an “echo star” large dish I would love to get rid of. I live in Aurora, CO.

  7. I need an large, old satelite dish like the one posted, I could pay or just remove the junk out of your yard for free. Please call or email. I live in Leesburg, FL. I am willing to pick up within an hour or so from this area. please call or email. Lisa 352-408-4947

  8. Hi all, the blog comments here is not a good place to try and sell/buy/get rid of an old dish. I will not be posting any more comments along those lines. I recommend posting on http://www.satelliteguys.us/ where people are looking to buy/sell these.

  9. I saw a mesh dish turned up on the top of a dog pen for some shade and
    another one made into a small garden.

    The smaller ones can be attached to a log or a stand and used for a salt lick
    in the woods for deer or they make good outside chair seats attached to a
    log for a seat.

  10. i plant watermelon’s turn my mesh dish over them to keep varmints out i water thru mess and sun shines in also

  11. I just aquired an old birdview av2028 8.5 foot satellite dish. I just want to know what the dish itself is made of.

  12. I live in southern Maryland and will remove the large old satellite dishes for you. If you live in the DC metro area and would like to get rid of one let me know digital_diner@yahoo.com. I just removed a 10foot channel master dish from a property. You don’t have to live with the eyesore.

  13. I just bought a property with a huge (I guess 8.5 ft) satellite dish on it. It’s in Central Arkansas, about 12 miles north of Little Rock. Anyone like to make an offer for it?

  14. I live in dallas texas and I have old old satellite dish I want removed. Free to whom can remove it. Please call me at 214 500 7898. C. Johnson Thanks

  15. I stay in oswego New York in the winter and live on Long Island in the summer. Please email me if you have a s Dish you want me to pick up for DIY projects. I’m looking for dishes from 3 to 6 maybe even 8 feet in diameter. Please email me at Mayhem1812@yahoo.com attention satellite dish in all capital letters.

  16. I installed many of these 35+ years ago. I even went to the Birdview factory in Chanute, KS , for training.
    The earliest were solid aluminum painted white, later Birdviews were perforated & brown
    Originally every channel was free if you simply had a dish. We installed them every day for years.
    Once the signal got scrambled, a subscription was required. Dish sales plummeted.

  17. I live in dallas texas. I hve an old satellite dish that need to be removed. any takers its FREE. Thanks Carolyn

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