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The Battle for Sleep – Days 5 & 6

Day 5

Saturday we were all at the Grandparent’s Punaro for birthday celebrations, so we did not get home much before 9pm.  I had brought her nightie to their house so we changed her there, knowing she would fall fast asleep in the car.  It made it a bit easier getting her ready for bed once we did get home.

After nursing her, I put her down and she went to sleep after a few moments of whimpering.  She woke up again at 4:50, nursed and then I thought she was going to stay awake after I got back into bed.  After about ten minutes of “talking”, she was back to sleep and up again at 7am.

Day 6

Tonight was back to her “normal” schedule again.  Bath at 7:30, stories compliments of Daddy and then her Momma Milk.  When I put her down tonight, there was no whimpering, talking, sighing, or crying.  She was alseep when her head touched the matress, maybe before.

She did wake up for a few minutes a little while ago and cried a little bit, but was asleep again before we even decided if we should go and check on her.  So far, she has stayed asleep.

I am so hesitant to say that this is actually working, even though the evidence I am presenting here would confirm that.  There is nothing worse than a new parent jinxing themselves 6 nights into a good sleep pattern.  So, I will continue this blogging journey for the next few nights and let the readers decide.

I also want to assure you that I am not putting all my eggs in one basket here, and thinking that this is the end of any sleep difficulties.  She has many, many more teeth to come in, and sicknesses to have.  I am only glad at this moment for a bit of a reprieve from being awaken at various times during the night, and hoping I don’t fall off the bed in her room as I nurse her half asleep.

Here’s hoping your night is a peaceful one, full of good sleep and pleasant dreams.  🙂

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