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Madly In Love

I have fallen madly in love – again – with my Husband. I’m not sure when it happened exactly, and I’m definitely not saying that I had fallen out of love at any point, but I think somewhere in amidst the typical day to day “stuff” you do start to take for granted what you have been blessed with.

Maybe it has something to do with the two wonderful Weddings we have attended together over the past two months. Seeing each couple so much in love, hearing those Sacred vows spoken so passionately, witnessing two people bound together in mutual joy and harmony, all of these things I remember so clearly from our own Wedding Day. Maybe it was the food and drink we had, or the good friends we were able to spend time with. Perhaps the new job Derek has taken, which could possibly move us away from friends and family that has brought our partnership as Husband and Wife more clearly into focus for me. I know for sure it happened when I saw him holding our tiny, newborn girls in his arms and every time I see him playing with them, teaching them, loving them I swoon a bit to myself.

It really doesn’t matter. I have now realized, after 9 amazing years together, how deeply in love I am with this man. How permanent a place he has in my heart, and how without him I would be lost. How wrong I was to think on our Wedding day that I could never love him more that that. Each day he teaches me something new. He holds nothing back and always guides me to the right path. We have genuine fun together as a couple and as parents. I thank God for him every day.

Just thought you should know. šŸ™‚

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