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One Year Passes

One year ago today I went into labor around 2:15pm. Over 24 hours later, after 4 hours of pushing, Ariella couldn’t turn to be birthed naturally, so had to be delivered by c-section.  She was born at 4:42pm after a successful surgery, and Mama heard her crying right away.

Since then, we have recovered from surgery, pooped on lots of people, and had many, many, many firsts.  Smiling, standing, rolling over, crawling, cruising, walking, dancing, talking, eating solids, drinking from a bottle, laughing, tantrums, finding her hair, head, ears, eyes, face, toes, feet, hands, fingers, nose.  We’ve gotten through two small colds, eight teeth so far, and being passed around the Choir during church every Sunday.

A busy year would not even begin to cover what the past 365 have been like, but I as a Mother with all its happy times, and frustrations would not give up one minute of it for anything.  Can’t even imagine what the next year will bring.  Christmas will be so much fun for the next ten years or so I can’t wait!  Hopefully everything will continue to go well with everyone’s continued support, and Blessings.

Tomorrow is going to be such a busy day, this post had to come a day early, even though last year at this time I had no idea that the little love of my life was about to make her grand entrance in a day from now.  Life is only getting more exciting every day, wouldn’t you agree, Derek?  🙂


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