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Baby Shower Thanks

I am getting to writing out my thank you’s for the Shower Saturday (putting together all that baby stuff really takes it out of you when you feel as big as a house and have no energy!), but just in case anyone out there who attended the shower reads our little blog, I wanted to say it publicly here.

THANK YOU!!  I now finally feel “ready”.  My living room looks like a whirlwind hit it, and I am still trying to find room to set up items so I can get rid of those big boxes.  The Nursery is pretty well set up, the crib has a mattress and bedding and looks terrific!  Derek just kept saying “There’s so much stuff!”  Everything was just perfect and we are very happy!  We can not ask for better family and friends who come through for us constantly.  You all make our lives full of love and we just want to give it back.

Now all I have to do is pack my hospital bag, birth this baby, and we’ll have even MORE love to go around!  Thank you all again for a wonderful afternoon!  See you with one more in tow very soon!

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