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Saturday April 25, 2009 – Accomplishments

Today has been a very busy day.  I was up at 6:30 with the baby to nurse and then got to go back to sleep because my Husband loves me SOOOO much!  🙂  I ate breakfast, showered and then Derek and I raked, weeded, dug out old shrubs and transplanted the Hydrangeas from our Wedding.  May not sound like much, but it took most of the day and was very labor intensive.  We were very surprised at ourselves for getting so much accomplished today, this was only phase one and two of our first project this year – changing the entrance way into the house.

Watching a movie with the Hubby now, hoping the baby stays asleep.  Tomorrow is a day of rest for us as we are going to my parents after Church for dinner.  Should be a nice, relaxing day!

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