Our Marriage

In a little less than two months, Derek and I will be Married for 3 years. We always talk about how strange it is that it has been such a short time. We feel like we’re known each other forever. We even have replaced, in many instances, each other for old girl/boyfriends! We’ll look at each other and say, “You remember when we went here, or did this?” And the other will say, “I’ve never been there, or done that with you.” Strange, but when you’re with the right person nothing that happened in the past with other people really matters anymore.

The most amazing thing I realized over the past three years is how many different ways you can show each other that you love them. It does not always have to be a kiss or a cuddle or even saying the words (we do these so often anyway). But it is in the things you do automatically for each other no matter what those things might be. You do them automatically because you love one another. It makes the other person feel so much love in return because whatever needs to be done is done without hesitation or comment; just done because it is necessity.

We have both done these things for each other even beyond our three year Marriage, going back to when we were dating. Every moment making us stronger together with those instances of blind trust and caring. And still, like the morning of our Wedding, every day I feel so excited to be spending the rest of my life with this wonderful man I can call my Husband and Best Friend through the good times and bad without hesitation.

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