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Sunday afternoon Derek and I dropped Ariella off at Gramma’s house and went to Mercy Hospital for a tour of their Family Birthplace. Yes, we were there two years ago for the birth of Ariella, but wanted to see how things had changed by now. We were the only ones on the tour so it went quickly. Now all the rooms are private, which is so nice!

Ariella WILL be able to visit while we are in there, which is also nice. They had signs up advising that children under 14 not visit, but she is a sibling so is exempt. This changes my thoughts about when to bring her in, but I guess I have all of January to figure it out and make final decisions about who is watching her when.

We were able to go into the room I was in the last time. It looked almost the same as when I left it with Ariella. Made me a little sad that it has been two years all ready. And that this may very well be my last pregnancy.

It was very empty too, and I am wondering how busy it will be in February. I had hoped to see some new babies in the nursery but they were all out with the Mama’s. I asked some good questions to the Nurse and found out some interesting things. For example, they have newborns on a pulse ox. pretty much the entire time they are in the nursery to monitor their status, I CAN breastfeed as soon as I am in recovery (last time was a different story due to the epidural going UP my arm and making it numb so I couldn’t hold her right away) and this Nurse has seen enough problems with VBACS that she doesn’t personally recommend them. That is a topic for another post, however. 🙂 There is so much I learn from the Mama’s I follow on-line, so my questions this time around are much more specific and logical!

All in all I am very excited to be headed back to Mercy for Cambree’s Birth! I loved the Nurses and it is a very clean, neat Hospital. Now if we only had a date scheduled! That would make me even more excited!!

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  1. So happy for the both of you! By the way you looked great when I saw you. They were just starting the renovations when I had the babies in Feb 2009. The private rooms are a great thing. We go back a couple of times a year to visit the wonderful nurses in the NICU. Good Luck:)

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