Morning Routine

Every morning I wake up and go to the kitchen where I promptly put on my grim reaper costume and start to kill things. Lots of things. My tool of choice? METHOD’s Grapefruit All Purpose Kitchen Spray. Not only does it smell good, it truly IS All Purpose, cause I never thought of using it to kill all those sugar ants running around my clean counters looking for something to eat. It doesn’t matter how much I clean, or what I seem to use (we have ant traps on the counter and on the floor, bay leaves crushed up everywhere as well). I can only stop them with a gentle spray of grapefruit and then mop up the mess.

Can’t believe I’m actually going to say it but, sometimes I can’t wait for cooler weather to get here. 🙂

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  1. Seriously, this METHOD stuff works on sugar ants? I keep getting those damned things on my counters too! I’ve got ant sprays for indoors and outdoors and all sorts of crap, and THEY STILL COME BACK!!

  2. It works in as much as it kills them, but personally, I don’t think it’s that great for prevention. Nothing we seem to do keeps them from coming in.

  3. Yeah, it doesn’t stop them from coming in, but I do get to clean my counters while getting rid of them. 😉 Yes, I do wipe up the little ant bodies first. PROMISE!!

  4. No website. No-one has ever offered to help me set one up.
    Try checking and cleaning your gutters. Second floor ants got to come from somewhere. I would think that sraying some bug stuff from a pump sprayer in and around the gutters might help.
    Good Luck

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