Almost Done

Tonight is the last night of my Second Trimester. I can not believe how quickly it has gone! Thankfully I have only vague recollections of being so sick in the First Tri, and I think I was just so happy to be out of that stage and feeling good again, it didn’t phase me that the pregnancy was really moving along!

I have been realizing more and more that this pregnancy is coming to a close. It leaves me feeling a bit sad, actually. This is a special time that lasts only moments if you look at it over the span of a lifetime. And the memories of what it feels like are fleeting as well. I couldn’t remember what having a baby move inside you felt like until Cambree started again.

This may be the last time I am ever pregnant, and I wish I could capture every moment of it to remember forever. I love being pregnant and if I was able to deliver naturally I would probably consider having another.

There are also days when I see these skinny Moms out with their babies, who look like they’ve never been pregnant before and I miss my regular jeans, having wine with dinner, and other unmentionables that just aren’t the same during pregnancy – Moms out there understand what I mean. I miss being me!

So there’s only 13 weeks left in this pregnancy, and with Holidays that will go by only too quickly. I am going to continue to enjoy Cambree when she is only mine, and look forward to tons of Mall Gift Certificates for my Birthday in July so I can go shopping and get my “normal” body some sexy new clothes. I will be a Mom of two girls and will need a day of shopping for myself.

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