Gerber vs. Home Made

After feeding Cambree (now 7 months) Gerber’s baby food for a few weeks, I started rethinking having started her on solids. She wasn’t liking anything I was giving her, whether it was fruit, vegetable or meat. I thought maybe she wasn’t ready, until I took out the baby cookbooks my Mom had gotten me for Ariella.

Once I started to make my own food, her appetite and interest in the food I was giving her completely turned around. Now I have made her everything from fruits, vegetables, and meats and she LOVES every bite! I have even pureed some of our own dinners for her to try.

Tonight she had ground beef, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. A few nights ago it was Cod with an orange sauce. Lunches have included chicken with apples and avocado slices to help her learn to chew.

While Gerber is a great stand by, nothing beats making your own meals for enticing your baby’s taste buds and giving her a great start to healthy, happy mealtimes. 🙂

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