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The Battle for Sleep – Day 4

So last night we were out a bit later after going out to the Old Orchard with my parents for dinner.  This was Ariella’s first “real” dining out experience and we actually had comments from other diners that she “did so well” during the time we were there.  Anyway, we got home probably @ 8:30 or so, and of course she had fallen asleep in the car on the shorter ride home.

I thought that she would stay sleeping even while changing her into her PJ’s, but she did wake up.  I nursed her, put her in her crib where she was quiet for a few minutes, but did end up making some noise. The noise, however, was not all that much tonight.  It was more of a whiny-talking kind of thing instead of the screaming/crying we have had for the other few nights.  It only lasted about 10 minutes if that.  Then she stayed asleep until 3:45am.

I did get up at that point and change her diaper and feed her.  She honestly does seem hungry at these nursings, she doesn’t fall right to sleep again in my arms, or just lay there.  She is feeding quite hungrily until she has had enough, about 15-20 minutes later.  Then she does go right back to sleep.  She didn’t wake up this morning again until about 7ish, I think.  Daddy let me sleep in until 9.  🙂

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