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A Grandma’s Love

This is what my Mother said to me today on the phone:

“Ariella has such a sincerely happy personality. She is always so upbeat, even when she hurts herself. If anyone ever changes that about her, and I find out who it is,  I will stand up on a chair and kick them in the face.”

You have to know my Mother to understand that this statement is a very strong testament of her love for her Granddaughter. My Mother never swears, is very soft spoken, and sometimes you have to look twice to even know she’s ‘s in the room. Her quote next to her senior picture in her yearbook (waaaaay back when) said ‘Quiet waters run deep’. That quote was picked by the yearbook staff, not her.

In other words, I hope no one ever messes with our daughter. I think Gramma would act on this statement no matter how old she is!

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