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Best of ……. the Southtowns!!

Ok folks, those who dare to read this absurdity spouted by an over-heated teacher turned housewife talking to her cat all day. 🙂 Back to the task at hand! My Best Of… series!

This week goes to the fun filled four day corn fest held in Eden. YES!! The Eden Corn Fest! The place where corn is king and goldfish are easily won! (Ask Derek about that one)

We have gone to the Eden Corn Fest many times and although it is a smaller event, it is worth seeing, if only to get the best damn corn you’ve ever had! It’s great, you go up to a counter, mostly reserved just for the ordering and subsequent consumation of corn, and order however many ears you want. Then, as they come out nice and hot, they dip them in these huge (I’m talking stockpot huge) pots of BUTTER. God only knows how many pounds of butter are in those pots, but it is worth every ounce! Tables are set up with pepper and salt and napkins galore, cause with all that butter there come drips.

There is a midway, lots of entertainment, lots of food and lots of crafts! So if you are wondering what might keep you occupied this Thurs.-Sun., make the trip out to the ‘burbs for the Eden Corn Fest!!!

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