A Poem For Valentine’s Day

(Derek’s Note:  Amanda won the Buffalo.com/Buffalo News Classifieds Love Poem Contest with this entry.  I’m posting it here for her.)

What You Are to Me

What you are to me is
one million Springtimes.
A walk in the park hand in hand.
Sharing moments no one else will share.

Calling just to say ‘Hello’.
Saying ‘I Miss You’ in that way
that makes me want to come
across town to make you

All the private jokes no one else
Holding you hand
Your voice. Your smile.

Hearing you mutter
‘I Love You’
in your sleep and cuddling close.

Having an awful lot of
without losing the

Knowing each other a lifetime
and not bothering to figure out why.

The fact that we own the same pair of socks.

How you make me laugh.

Everything you teach me.

I Love You.

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